• Q. Whats the salary for tutors working on EcademicTube
    Salary totally depends on your qualifications and your work quality and your depth of knowledge. In general average salary is 20000₹ for 6 hours working time.
  • Q. I want to become a Tutor on EcademicTube.
    Please go through “Become a Tutor” link and then “Apply Now” Fill up the correct details. Based on your qualifications we are going to conduct a subject test with you. Based on your performance on a test we are going to inform you.
  • Q. How does EcademicTube works.
    EcademicTube is a proprietorship. We are collection of well qualified tutors. We help students on their assignments , live sessions , academic projects.....
  • Q. Can you help me on my assignment.
    Hi, You can submit your assignment through home page submission form. Or you can directly contact us on WhatsApp +918085036569 or mail us on Helpme@ecademictube.com

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