If you’re here to teach, we’re here to help.


Who we are.

Indoglobe Ecademic tube is an online education company bringing tutors and students close to each other.

Our journey began as a proprietorship company in 2015, but soon after that we turned into a PVT Ltd company.

We took this step as we saw students and tutoring loving the idea of online tutoring.

At Ecademic Tube, we provide tutors with an opportunity to solve academic problems where and when they want. Tutors get to help students with their homework, provide one on one classes and solve their doubts online.

Ecademic Tube is a complete online teaching solution where we push the boundaries of learning.

Our tutors are undisputed experts of their subjects, and we connect them with ambitious students globally.


 Here’s Our Story.

“We believe that nothing should come in the way of learning”

We’re challenging traditional ways of tutoring”

For years private tutors and students have commuted to each other’s place for classes. And commute has robbed them off their precious time.

Online tutoring saves the students and tutors from the hassle of commuting. Now they can spend their saved time doing what they love.

If that’s not enough, online tutoring also solves the parents from the struggle searching for reliable tutors. We verify our tutors before getting them onboard so that the students are taught only by reliable experts.

Taking education to every corner of the world”

In metropolitan cities, the chances of finding a worthy tutor is high. But that’s not the case with remote places. With technology we can empower students in remote places with quality education.

Being an online platform we can serve any place in the world via the internet. We consider ourselves lucky to have the ability of grooming future leaders everywhere.

Making tutoring cost effective”

Compared to traditional ways of tutoring like home tution and group classes, online tutoring is pretty cost effective. Learners pay according to their needs. For example, if a student needs help with homework, they only have to pay for it. Not the complete tuition fee

No other traditional way of tutoring offers this level of flexibility in costs. Isn’t it?


Why join Ecademic Tube?

Great Flexibility

We built Ecademic Tube to combine technology with learning. As a result, we built a platform where tutors can connect with students from anywhere in the world. Tutors help them solve their queries, finish their homework and share their knowledge, just by investing 6 hours of their day.

Students also get to choose their own time for studying

Handsome Payouts

The average salary of a tutor is between 17,000-25,000. But if you’re willing to work hard and become an “expert tutor” your earnings can go upto 45,000 a month. Earnings are solely dependent on a tutor’s effort and dedication. We value the expertise and knowledge of our teachers and ensure that they are not underpaid.

Complete Support

We act as a link between the tutors and the students. Our team is always available to provide assistance to the tutors so that they can focus on the thing they’re good at - teaching. Students also get complete support from our end.


What our Tutors think.


think it is a very good platform to explore knowledge. While working with EcademicTube, I have learnt a lot of new things. Besides this, what I like the most is that it allows the tutor for work from home

- Mr. Raghav Soni

Expert- Civil Engineering


Ecademic Tube provides a great opportunity for a student preparing for a competitive exam The best part for me is working at home which saves me a lot of time each day.

- Mr. Hemant Mishra

Expert- Mechanical Engineering


Ecademic tube is very good platform to earn money as a part time job, especially if you are upsc aspirant or a drop out, it doesn't disturb your preparation and still lets you earn some money.


Another thing I like about it is that I don't feel like my time gets waste usually. Teaching other students is more like a revision for me. Also, the management is very helpful and supporting even if you make mistakes.

- Ms. Sakshi Singh

Expert- Electronics & Communication Engineering


Working at Ecademic Tube has been altogether a wonderful learning experience for me. While it ensures me a platform to share my knowledge and simultaneously learn myself, it also aids me in providing a much needed security that I had been seeking in financial terms during my preparation phase for GATE/IES.


Nowaday, it has become important for an aspirant be self reliant because preparation phase may sometimes extend for years. And Ecademic Tube helps a lot, financially.


A hearty thanks to Ecademic Tube for having me here.

- Mr. Sonu Singh

Expert- Mechanical Engineering


I have been part of Ecademic Tube since March 2018 as an online expert of Chemistry. Since then the entire team of Ecademictube are very understanding and polite. Its my great pleasure to write a few words for them as an admiration in the form of feedback.


“Entire team of Ecademic Tube work hard (24x7) to provide their best to the students. They always takes each and every assignment seriously and provide the best solution. The best thing about them is that they respond quickly, providing the best solutions, polite, supportive, work as a team and best for quick answers to any question”

- Mr. Gaurav Jha

Expert- Chemistry


Our Board of Directors

The decision makers at Ecademic Tube share the common vision of pushing the boundaries of learning beyond the classroom. Each member of our board of directors committee bring real value to our company.

Since we started Ecademic Tube, our board of directors have helped us in taking benefit of present and future opportunities.

It is because of their business strategies that we’re an ever expanding community of tutors.


In short, our board of directors give us the direction to perfection.

These are the decision makers at Ecademic Tube:


How to become a tutor?


Give us your details.

Sign up on our website or send us your details on Whatsapp @ 9993561596 to receive the application form.


Fill the Application Form.

After giving us your details, fill an application form to create your profile at Ecademic Tube. We will screen your profile and approve it if you’re the right fit.


Take Subject Tests.

Once your profile is approved, you can take subject tests from our website. You’re required to take any three subjects from your stream. Once you’re done with the answers, you’re required to upload the answers in a single PDF.

4 .


After you’ve submitted your answers, we go through them and evaluate your subject knowledge. Don't worry, we won’t keep you waiting for long. We check your answers rather quickly and tell you if you’re eligible.



If you pass the tests successfully, we’ll discuss the terms of working with you. Things like working hours, salary, conditions and more will be discussed in this step.


Your First Assignment.

After all the formalities are done, we will assign you the first assignment. Put in all your efforts and show us that you are truly a “subject expert”



Today is the Greatest Opportunity to Learn.

Instead of ranting about the negatives of internet let’s talk about the positives:

Internet has brought us closer and provided us the support we need for improving things like education and learning.

Today, if you want an expert's advice, it can reach you at your home through your computer. .

Similarly, you can share your expertise to others from home.

At Ecademic Tube, we see the internet revolution as a moment to reinvent education and learning.

Learning has never been so convenient than it is today, all because of the internet.

We believe that today is the greatest opportunity to learn.


Feature of our Platform.

Quick help for students.

As an online tutoring platform, Ecademic Tube is one of its kinds. On our platform, it’s not necessary for students to opt for complete online tutoring. We also provide them with quick help in their homework, subject doubts or any kind of academic problems.


Global Education Hub

Our teachers and students are spread across the world making us a global online tutoring platform. If students come to us with a doubt, we’ll get it solved. No matter where they’re from.

We’re an inclusive study platform serving the world.


Handpicked Tutors

Our tutors have to pass a subject test before they start getting assignments. We also evaluate their application form and decide whether they’re right fit or not. Only well informed subject experts are handpicked by us to teach.


Personalized Learning Environment.

The biggest perk of online tutoring is a personalized learning environment. Students get the advantage of a personal tutor solving their problems. On the other hand, tutors also get to focus on one single student at a time. Our students feel that studying is much better this way.


Subjects we help with

We started Ecademic Tube with an endeavour to provide online tutoring for all subjects. From classroom level to competition level, our tutors help students from various academic backgrounds.


Mechanical Engineering :-

1. Thermodynamics

2. Heat transfer

3. Fluid Mechanics

4. Material science

5. Machine design

6. Vibration

7.Statics & Dynamics


Electrical & Electronics Engineering :-

1. Network Analysis

2. Signal System

3. Control System

4.Analog Electronics

5. Digital Electronics

6. Electromagnetic Theory


8. Power System


Civil Engineering:-

1. Structure Analysis

2. Strength of Materials

3. Environmental Analysis

4. RCC

5. Water Resources and development



1. Linear Algebra

2. Differential equations

3. Calculus 1,2&3

4.Vector calculus

5. Probability

6. Statistics

7. Numerical methods


Miscellaneous Subjects:-

Engineering Economics

Account & Business


C++ , java & other important Programming languages