Live sessions doubt solving help

Live learning sessions may be implemented in the format of live online homework study help. Students can get connected to the expert tutors and knowledge transfer is facilitated. We make live chat available using Skype, which simplifies it for the students to connect with expert tutors. When the students send their questions with details, we will provide the relevant responses that are self-explanatory. The interactions take place in the same chat window, and allow a student to overcome any doubts that he may have.
The interactions will all take place in real-time and are entirely based upon a student’s convenience. Our services are versatile, and we help students with live examination study, live assignment study help, and live homework study help. In case a student is looking for understanding solutions for the questions in the previous years’ examination, he can book a live session with us.
Online homework study help is nowadays more popular than it has ever been earlier. It is a feasible alternative to classroom learning, and there is greater attention to detail. Our live sessions make it easier for the students to learn from the best private tutors in the industry.
Here’s how a live session at Ecademictube will work:
Book the timings for your session
For booking a live-session for eLearning/doubt clearing/homework, you’d communicate the starting time, subject name, and the duration of your session. We will make a team of expert tutors available for you, based upon the requirements defined.
Share reference material
To let us find the best-suited tutor for you, you’d have to share the topic name, along with reference material and instructions. After reviewing your query, our team will contact you instantly. We will thereafter share the price quotation. In case of doubt, please share your budget with our chat executive.
Get your expert tutor
Once you make the payment, your live session is booked. We assign a team of expert tutors for resolving your doubts and queries.
Present your doubts
WhatsApp and chat are the instruments through which we operate the live sessions. When you send the doubts over WhatsApp, we resolve the questions iteratively over chat. In case you have a difficulty in understanding the solutions, you can communicate them over chat.
Get higher grades
When your current requirements are met, we can move on to the following course, assignment, or topic, which helps you earn the perfect grade. We are available 24 * 7 for your help.

At ecademictube, our prices vary based upon the customer’s project or service requirements. It is further dependent upon the complexity of the project and the deadlines defined by the consumer. Average service charges are around 2500 INR per hour. We reserve the right to define the pricing for our services.

NOTE: Our study help totally follows AUP policy.